I never wrote from money or even for money.  Everything I have ever written has come from an inner conviction and owes nothing to commerce, still less to commercial pressures from the publishing bourgeoisie.  If you can only write because they pay you to write,  then sincerity and conviction are not going to be particularly high on your agenda.  On the contrary, you will be more concerned with getting your payment by pleasing the paymasters, who are only going to publish you if they are confident that what you write will sell, i.e. appeal to the public in one way or another.

No true genius writes for money but, rather, in order to discover and realize the Truth, which is intimately connected with his own self, or soul.  Writing from conviction I have pursued and discovered the Truth, and it only remains for other like-minded people to read and confirm this Truth (which I identify with Social Theocracy) for it to be realized and, eventually, instituted.  Then we will have the beginnings of ‘Kingdom Come’, but not before.  In the meantime, I ask those who read and confirm my Truth to assist me in the task of furthering Social Theocracy, principally through the establishment of Centres for the advancement of Social Theocracy, in order that the momentum towards ‘Kingdom Come’ may begin in earnest.

I believe Ireland, and especially Dublin, would be as good a place to start as any, since a precondition of resurrecting the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis (that has its polarities at the southwest and northeast points of the intercardinal axis, so to speak) is to have some significant degree of church-hegemonic/state-subordinate tradition in existence, and Eire (the Republic of Ireland) amply fulfills that requirement.  Other Irish cities should also become instrumental in this respect; for Social Theocracy, if it is to succeed, must have centres throughout the country, not least to fill the void left by the so-called ‘head shops’, as in kindred or analogous countries overseas.


About centretruths

I am an Irish-born but English-raised self-taught writer and philosopher who publishers his work in eBook on the net, including with (ePub) and (Kindle), as well as through Centretruths Digital Media (PDF), and many other platforms. Latterly my works are also available in paperback at various Amazon sites, as well as at Barnes and and a wide variety of other sellers in several countries.
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